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Created on 2013-11-16 18:49:34 (#2118295), last updated 2016-04-10 (76 weeks ago)

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Name:Est NPCs
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
This community is a list of the celebrities who are NPCs in the Establishment and have backstory with active player characters. Check here to see if the character you might be interested in playing has backstory with anyone!

For a master list of all Est NPCs, please see this entry. To see the NPCs sorted by the claiming character, see this entry.

To claim an NPC:

Make an entry with the name of your celebrity or OC as the subject line

Name: (Name)
Orientation: (Straight, Gay, Bi)(CAN BE UNKNOWN. It can also be just your pup's perception of their orientation.)
Occupation: (Actor or otherwise)
Membership: (Are they an Est member?)
Age: (Age)
Appearance: (Height, weight, hair, eyes, build)
Est connections: (self-explanatory)

Back story: (relevant backstory)

If you're claiming a character as an NPC because they've recently been retired, or were formerly played, please post to [community profile] est_meta and the yahoo group confirming that yours is the only backstory that needs to be mentioned in the claim first. Thanks!

From the Game FAQ:

9. What's an NPC? -- An NPC is a character that is not played but is relevant to your character's storyline in some way.

10. Do I need to list the people in my backstory on [community profile] est_npcs? -- If someone coming into the game and playing that character would change your character's backstory, yes. If the character could be played by someone else and you would never notice, no. If all you want to do is mention an actor your character knew from work and might be friends with, no.

11. How many NPCs can I claim? -- We prefer to leave NPCs available so that new players can come into the game without restrictions on the characters they'd like to play so if it isn't vital that the character in your backstory is a specific actor, please try to make references to him vague or consider creating an OC.

12. I want to use a character in the [community profile] est_npcs community in my backstory, too. Can I? -- Contact the player listed in the entry and ask them. Chances are you can work something out.

13. Can I play a character in the [community profile] est_npcs community? -- Yes, but you MUST play the character with the backstory established in the NPC entry, and MUST write to the admins and the player in question about the character.

Note from admin: Submissions to this comm are moderated (meaning admin will see them and okay them before they're posted). The reasoning on this (and it's truly a formality) is that we want to ensure that no one's making a playable character unplayable by virtue of the backstory they're giving them.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this community is meant to imply anything about any actors' real lives. It is all part of a role-playing game.

The fictional BDSM club/organization known as "The Establishment" is an original creation of Ruth Gifford (the creator). The RPG [community profile] establishment exists in a universe entirely separate from those of Paper Umbrella, Metropolis, Paradise and any other RPG. Permission has not been granted by the creator to any other RPG for use of the organization, its subsidiaries, properties, rules, regulations or practices in any game, except in sockpuppet journal entries and logs which were created when said sockpuppet was associated with the RPG [community profile] establishment. Any reference made to an Establishment club or organization in any other RPG is not accepted by the creator, administrators and/or players of the RPG [community profile] establishment as referring to their club/organization, and as such, has absolutely no bearing on anything in the RPG [community profile] establishment universe, including the club/organization and its members. The creator, administrators and players of the RPG [community profile] establishment do not accept that any reference made to an Establishment club or organization, or any club/organization based upon "The Establishment" club or organization, reflects the true nature, policies and/or practices of the Establishment club/organization as portrayed in the RPG [community profile] establishment.
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